Ritchie Runs Ropes

Sometimes I get to see some pretty cool stuff! Mum and I went to watch an animal training session one afternoon recently at Taronga in Sydney. The Bird Show team have trained all sorts of animals and they are not always birds! The rats in the show that run across the back fence are really funny and now they have Ritchie, the Ring-tailed Possum! At the moment, he’s not in shows but the Bird Show Keeper, Matt, is a friend of Mum’s and he let Mum and me watch as he and another keeper, Brendan, trained Ritchie!

First they strung up some thick rope across some poles and over the Bird Show seats. Then they brought out Ritchie in a little box with a door in the front. He has already learnt to wear a harness, and Matt showed me the special tag he wears so the keepers can find him if he gets lost! I watched as he ran from one end of the rope to the other! In the daytime he did it three times! Matt said maybe – if he trains hard enough – Ritchie might get to star in the Bird Show! Keep in touch and I’ll keep you posted!! In the meantime – click on the photo below to see some pictures that I took of him practising…

Ritchie the Ring-tailed Possum