Let the Zoo help you and your students engage with and celebrate Australia’s nationally recognised events in literacy and biodiversity. Below are the special workshops on offer.

Schools’ Tree Day - Friday 25th July 2014

Why not celebrate Schools’ Tree Day with Taronga Zoo? In 2014 we are planting trees for invertebrates. Invertebrates, or minibeasts, the animals with no backbone make up about 99% of all animal species on planet Earth!

Children’s Authors join Taronga Zoo to get kids' beaks into reading!

Taronga Zoo has teamed up with popular children’s authors to bring books about animals to life. Book a video conference with Garry Fleming or Aleesah Darlison from Literature Live! Hear a reading from the author, meet live native animals and listen to fascinating stories behind the animals in the books. ‘How to draw’ workshops also available for some sessions.

Biodiversity Month - Adaptations of Australian Threatened Species

Taronga Zoo is celebrating Biodiversity Month by bringing schools a series of video conferences focussing on how different adaptations help animals survive in their ever changing environment.

Science Week 2014 - Joint Program with Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

This year, Taronga Zoo and the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust are combining to offer workshops that explore the incredible strategies plants and animals use to adapt to their surroundings. Choose your location - Zoo or Gardens, or book a video conference session with both Zoo and Gardens staff.

Naidoc Week - June/July 2014

Come and join us at Taronga Zoo to celebrate NAIDOC Week. You can book in for an Animals of the Dreaming workshop and watch our special NAIDOC Week-inspired bird show!

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