Schools’ Tree Day - Friday 25th July 2014

Why not celebrate Schools’ Tree Day with Taronga Zoo?


In 2014 we are planting trees for invertebrates. Invertebrates, or minibeasts, the animals with no backbone make up about 99% of all animal species on planet Earth! They are vital to ecosystems and without them humans would not survive!

Find out about their characteristics, special features for survival, and role in maintaining biodiversity. Students will also have a chance to discuss the role humans play in protecting invertebrates and create essential invertebrate habitats.

Two options are available

Workshop at Taronga Zoo (Sydney)

Video Conference session

Workshop topics

  • The amazing diversity and biology of invertebrates in Australia and other countries
  • Investigating the importance of trees to invertebrate habitat 
  • How to correctly plant young trees

Stage/ Age Targeted

The workshop is suitable for kindergarten students through to year 6.


Friday 25th July 2014

Costs and how to book 

Video Conference

$60 per max group of 30.

Click here to book through DART Connections. Hint: Select Taronga Zoo Sydney in the 'filter excursions by provider' drop down menu.

Zoo Excursion

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