Tubba-gah Country mural

Lewis Burns and Nathan Peckham, two artists based in Dubbo, created a beautiful nine metre long mural located at Taronga Western Plains Zoo's koala viewing platform located within the Australian Walkabout.

Mural by Artists Lewis Burns and Nathan Peckham.

Guided by Tubba-gah Elders, they worked to represent a complex story of Tubba-gah County over time.

The mural is made of three panels. The far left panel is by Nathan Peckham, the central panel pictured above was worked on collaboratively by both artists, and the third panel by Lewis Burns

 You can see the difference in their styles. This difference has enhanced the work with the layers suggesting the past, the present and the future.

View the mural panels by each artist below. 

Nathan Peckham  Lewis Burns
Mural by Nathan Peckham
Our culture is as diverse as it is old. It has a complex history with a simple logic and hopeful future.
Yet there is a sense of arrogance in what I am trying to achieve. Capture the essence of an ancient culture on historic land! How dare I?
Mural by Lewis Burns
I wanted to give the Mural a | past | present | future | look, and generate that feeling in the viewer.
The waving lines in the background represent the winds of change and how our traditional tribal ways and beliefs are being acknowledged and respected.