Our role in conservation is to create direct and positive connections between wildlife and people. We protect endangered species, increase understanding of wildlife and inspire community action.
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Taronga Western Plains Zoo Blog

Wildlife Hospital treat injured Wombat
Tuesday 15th April 2014
A wild female wombat is currently receiving treatment at Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital after being mauled by a dog.
Black Rhino eye procedure
Tuesday 8th April 2014
Taronga Western Plains Zoo's male Black Rhino needed specialised treatment for an eye issue recently.
Addax calf born February 2014
Wednesday 19th March 2014
The breeding success continues at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, with the arrival of another Addax calf on 27 February.
Eastern Long-necked Turtle hatchlings
Thursday 20th February 2014
Staff at Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital watched in delight recently as seven Eastern Long-necked Turtle hatchlings emerged from their eggs.
Jasiri the African Lion
Wednesday 5th February 2014
We are very much saddened by the passing of Jasiri the African Lion. Jasiri has been at Taronga Western Plains Zoo since 2002 and was popular amongst keepers and visitors.
Echidna puggle being handraised in Dubbo
Tuesday 28th January 2014
After being tragically orphaned on the road between Wellington and Dubbo last November, this Echidna puggle's life is now looking much brighter thanks to the care of the Wildlife Hospital at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.
Cheetah Cubs at Taronga Western Plains Zoo - Jan 2014
Tuesday 28th January 2014
Our King Cheetah Halla’s three cubs are just over three months old now, and have had their 10 week-old health check and vaccinations. They are continuing to grow and develop well under the watchful eye of Halla.
NJ reaches 1kg mark
Tuesday 21st January 2014
While many people make a new year’s resolution to lose weight, for NJ it is all about gaining weight and continuing to grow and develop at a steady pace.
Addax calf - December 2013
Friday 20th December 2013
The Addax calf that had a rocky start to life after he was orphaned at birth is continuing to progress well under the watchful eye of its keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.
Zebra foal born December 2013
Thursday 19th December 2013
Keepers are delighted by the arrival of three new Zoo babies this summer. Born across December the Addax calf, Wapiti fawn and Zebra foal are bringing a whole lot of cuteness into 2014.