Our role in conservation is to create direct and positive connections between wildlife and people. We protect endangered species, increase understanding of wildlife and inspire community action.
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Taronga Western Plains Zoo Blog

Wednesday 4th December 2013
Since the birth of these three Cheetah cubs, Halla has been an impeccable mother, which is exceptionally pleasing considering this is her first attempt.
African Safari competition winner
Tuesday 19th November 2013
A Dubbo resident has won the trip of a lifetime simply by visiting the Zoo!
Addax calf being hand raised
Thursday 14th November 2013
Keepers have stepped in to hand raised a male Addax calf after its mother became ill and subsequently passed away after giving birth.
Students from Orana Height Public School with their rhino
Friday 8th November 2013
Students from Orana Heights Public School in Dubbo are wild for Rhinos and have been busy decorating their rhino sculpture ready for the trail!
Swamp Wallaby and joey
Monday 4th November 2013
Spring has sprung at Taronga Western Plains Zoo and many tiny faces are starting to emerge from deep within the pouches of their mothers.
Emu chicks at the Wildlife Hospital
Friday 25th October 2013
Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital is currently caring for three Emu chicks which were found orphaned in the wild.
Wild! Rhinos St Pius X Primary School
Friday 25th October 2013
Students at St Pius X Primary School went wild recently, dressing up as animals all in the name of raising funds for Rhino conservation.
Friday 25th October 2013
NJ the Galapagos Tortoise hatchling has been growing steadily over past three years.
Tasmanian Devils head to San Diego Zoo
Friday 25th October 2013
In October, four Tasmanian Devils from Taronga Western Plains Zoo were transferred to their new home at San Diego Zoo in the United States.
Red-necked Wallaby joey, Walter
Friday 27th September 2013
The male Red-necked Wallaby, Walter, is now about eight months old and is regularly spotted poking his head out of his mum’s pouch.