Our role in conservation is to create direct and positive connections between wildlife and people. We protect endangered species, increase understanding of wildlife and inspire community action.
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Taronga Western Plains Zoo Blog

Twiga the Giraffe
Tuesday 24th September 2013
Twiga the 18 month old female Giraffe has just completed the road trip from Perth to Dubbo to take up residency at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.
White Rhino at Taronga Western Plains Zoo
Wednesday 18th September 2013
As we celebrate World Rhino Day this weekend, take a step back in time and see where it all began for the White Rhino breeding program at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.
Vet Dr Benn Bryant with Macheo
Monday 16th September 2013
This Sunday 22 September is World Rhino Day, a day which shines the spotlight on the plight of these animals in the wild.
Dora and Amala, Greater One-horned Rhinos
Monday 16th September 2013
Take a step behind the scenes with Keeper Ian Anderson and our two Greater One-horned Rhinos, Dora and Amala.
Two male Tasmanian Devil joeys
Thursday 5th September 2013
The Tasmanian Devil keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are proud to announce the much anticipated arrival of two young Tasmanian Devil joeys.
National Science Week
Friday 16th August 2013
This week Taronga Western Plains Zoo celebrated National Science Week with special workshops for schools all about reproduction.
Becca the Zebra foal
Friday 16th August 2013
Taronga Western Plains Zoo's Zebra foal is growing and developing well under the watchful eye of her mother.
Burma and Gigi, Asian Elephants
Tuesday 6th August 2013
Our old female Asian Elephants, Burma and Gigi, are continuing to be great companions for each other and enjoy spending their days together sharing a paddock at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.
Umi the Meerkat
Tuesday 30th July 2013
Meerkats are social animals that are very resourceful and family-orientated, as long as you know your place in the hierarchy.
Global Tiger Day
Monday 29th July 2013
Monday 29 July 2013 is Global Tiger Day and helps draw attention to the plight of these animals in the wild