Our role in conservation is to create direct and positive connections between wildlife and people. We protect endangered species, increase understanding of wildlife and inspire community action.
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Monday 9th February 2009
Taronga Zoo’s Floral Clock is celebrating its 80th birthday with a special planting during its Anniversary year.
Thursday 15th January 2009
One of Taronga Western Plains Zoo Veterinary Nurse's has taken on the role of mother, hand raising a tiny Echidna puggle after her and her mother were brought into the Zoo's Wildlife Clinic
Thursday 1st January 2009
As the world welcomes 2009, Taronga Zoo staff will welcome the chance to raise awareness of the plight of Gorillas in the wild.
Tuesday 16th December 2008
Taronga Zoo’s new Wedge-tailed Eagle, ‘Nonami’ will take to the air today to fly outside for the first time with her new trainers at Georges Heights Oval.
Thursday 4th December 2008
Taronga Zoo has begun the trial of a ground-breaking plan to drive the introduced Black Rat out of the north shore's leafy harbourside using a native bush rat called the Bogul.
Wednesday 26th November 2008
Reminiscent of a modern day Noah's Ark, a young female giraffe ‘Ntombi' and male ‘Forrest' arrived in Sydney from Auckland Zoo after making the ocean voyage aboard ANL ship Yarrunga on their way to Taronga Western Plains Zoo.
Friday 7th November 2008
Taronga Zoo is celebrating its first Pygmy Hippopotamus calf birth in 23 years. The youngster named ‘Monifa', meaning ‘I am lucky' in Nigerian weighed just 3.8 kilograms when it was born in the early hours of October 15 to first-time mother, ‘Petre' and father ‘Timmy'. However after a difficult breach birth, the Zoo's dedicated keepers made the decision to intervene and hand-raise the precious female calf.
Friday 7th November 2008
An orphaned Grey-headed Flying Fox named ‘Hugo' is being bottle fed by dedicated Taronga keepers after its mother passed away from severe leg injuries.
Friday 7th November 2008
Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are delighted by the arrival of a female Bison calf that was born in the early hours of the morning on Thursday 30 October 2008
Friday 17th October 2008
With 34 joeys already born in the national insurance population of Tasmanian Devils, an Australia-wide fundraising campaign to expand the program was announced at Taronga Zoo today.