The rhinos are coming. Join the charge.

Taronga Wild! Rhinos is a Wild in Art event that will bring businesses, artists and schools together to create a spectacular world-class sculpture trail from the Sydney Harbour foreshore through the Blue Mountains to Dubbo and the Central West region of NSW.

From February – April 2014 a huge herd of wildly colourful rhino sculptures painted by artists and their small calves decorated by local schools will charge into town as part of a mass public art exhibition to help raise awareness and valuable funds for Taronga’s world leading Black Rhino breeding program and in-situ conservation projects.

How does the event work?

  • Businesses, community groups, charities, education establishments and individuals are invited to sponsor a blank rhino sculpture – the canvas. Read more.
  • Artists, well-known and undiscovered, young and old, are invited to submit their designs. The best designs will be selected by sponsors to feature on the Taronga Wild! Rhinos sculpture trail. Read more.
  • Local schools will also be able to sponsor and decorate their own rhino calf sculpture to feature on the trail, which will be theirs to keep. Read more.
  • Up to 75 life-sized rhinos will go on display around Sydney, Dubbo and their surrounds for 10–12 weeks forming a spectacular sculpture trail for all to enjoy.
  • After the event, each sculpture will be sold at auction with the net proceeds going to support Taronga’s Black Rhino breeding and in-situ conservation programs.