Meet the Chimpanzee Keepers

Caring for our Chimpanzees and pioneering vital Chimpanzee conservation both at Taronga and overseas is more than just a full time job - meet just a few of the staff who are making a difference. 

Allan Schmidt, Senior Keeper

Primate Keeper Allan has worked at Taronga Zoo for 23 years. He says that he loves watching the chimp personalities grow and develop.

Louise Grossfeldt, Unit Supervisor

Meet Louise, she's the supervisor of Primates across the Zoo. She says that she loves the unpredictability of chimpanzees and the fact that people find them scary and overwhelming – it’s like looking in the mirror.

Richard Buzas, keeper

Richard has been working at Taronga Zoo for the past seven years. He loves the chimps intelligence, their socail dynamics, the family bonds and their individual personalities.

Holiday activities

These school holidays Taronga offers something for the whole family. Come face to face with our loveable lemur troop in an exciting new walk-through experience – now part of the Lemur Forest Adventure.