Conservation Action

Wildlife conservation requires sustained effort from many people working in many different areas. 

We have exceptional expertise in our Zoos, but we also need to work with like-minded organisations, community groups and conservation experts to protect and regenerate habitats, stop poaching and trafficking of wildlife and find solutions to living with wildlife in local communities.

We have established Conservation Partnerships across the globe that secure and support key priority species and habitats long term. The partnerships also support local communities to work towards good social and environmental outcomes. Taronga has a long history of supporting conservation projects with some partnerships, such as the International Rhinoceros Foundation, being in existence since 1993.

Since 2008 we have also offered Field Conservation Grants to support in the field conservation projects. These projects span across the globe.

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Conservation Partnerships

Our Conservation Partnerships work with wildlife conservation organisations and communities to develop ways to protect priority species and habitats, facilitate ways that people can live and share environments with wildlife and foster community and government support for conservation.

Conservation Grants Celebrate Five Years

Since 2008, Taronga has invested over $500,000 in funds and staff expertise to conservation programs around the world in our Field Conservation Grants Program. See links on this page to learn about projects funded during this period.

Taronga Green Grants

Taronga Green Grant to fund the best and most innovative project to inspire Australian communities to live more sustainably and have a positive impact on our wildlife.

Conservation Science

Taronga is dedicated to conservation of wildlife, not just of the species represented in its Zoos, but of every species that is in danger of extinction. Our Zoos’ diverse collections and research strengths, provides an opportunity to monitor changes in population and habitat viability and help provide information needed to guide management of habitats and wildlife.

Breeding programs

Taronga is involved in various conservation programs and carries out some of them on site at the Zoos.

Take Positive Action

Positive Actions that can help your environment. With so many people in the world, the way we live has the potential to permanently impact wildlife, but with a little thought, you can make a positive difference.