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Cassowary, Australia Image

Inhabiting dense tropical rainforests of Northern Queensland, the Southern Cassowary is a keystone species, contributing to the ecosystem by dispersing seeds of over 200 plant species throughout the rainforest. Due to habitat fragmentation and modification, road accidents have become the greatest single cause of cassowary death.

Taronga has partnered with Girringun Aboriginal Corporation to support the conservation of Southern Cassowary in Girringun Protected Areas, northern Queensland. The aim of the project is to maintain and improve existing corridors and known habitat for cassowaries by planting native plant species in order to support population health and habitat. Propagation and planting of known food plants for the cassowary will be undertaken by regional co-management partners, junior rangers, schools and community groups, therefore, will raise awareness of the threatening processes affecting the Cassowary in the local and wider community.