Conservation Grants Program 2013-2014

Keeping Supayang Wild with Wildlife Asia

We are working with Wildlife Asia to increase the land area of the Supayang Reserve in Sumatra, protecting the biodiversity and providing essential habitat for species including clouded leopards and the critically endangered Sumatran tiger.

Banking on Cane Toad Predators with Monash University

We are building a Kimberley Ark to preserve viable levels of genetic diversity in three species of Australian monitor lizard, threatened by the cane toad expansion.

Stopping Poaching in Zambia with the South Luangwa Conservation Society

Taronga continues its support of the excellent work of South Luangwa Conservation Society’s anti-poaching patrols and veterinary interventions to rescue and treat wildlife.

Defending Uganda’s Forests with New Nature Foundation

Taronga joins up with the New Nature Foundation again to continue reducing exploitation of the Kibale National Park and improving community resources by planting trees and building energy efficient stoves.

Wild Dog Protection with African Wildlife Conservation Fund

Protection of the Zimbabwean wild dog populations threatened by habitat loss, wire snaring, disease and human persecution through education, anti-poaching and health initiatives.

Protecting the Tapir with IPÉ

Taronga proudly continues their support for the Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative to expand their efforts to conserve tapirs and their habitats throughout Brazil.

Asia Wide Dhole Conservation with Smithsonian Institution

Developing an Asia wide conservation strategy for the endangered Dhole

360 Snow Leopard Conservation with National Trust for Nature Conservation and the Snow Leopard Conservancy

Advancing community-based stewardship of the snow leopard through education, research and grassroots conservation action.

Preventing Human-Elephant Conflict with Bees with Niassa Carnivore Project

Human-elephant conflict is widespread throughout the African elephant’s range where human and elephant populations overlap, and is considered one of the main threats to elephant conservation in Africa after ivory poaching.

Sumatran Tiger Habitat Protection with Save Indonesian Endangered Species

Way Kambas National Park is the last protected lowland habitat for the critically endangered Sumatran tiger, and is also home to many of its prey species including sambar and muntjac deer, wild boar, Malayan tapir and Malayan sun bear.

Borneo Wetland Revival with The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project

The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project was founded in 1999 and aims to raise awareness of orangutan wildnerness areas, particularly Sabangau and other peat-swamp forests, as well as helping to protect and restore the habitat of the endangered orangutan.

Aquaponics for Conservation with Selamatkan Yaki

A major threat to the survival of Sulawesi crested black macaques in Northern Sulawesi are the use of destructive agricultural practises leading to land conversion, habitat loss and fragmentation of populations, and opportunistic hunting.

Watching over Bongo with Bongo Surveillance Project

Over the last few years, the Bongo Surveillance Project (BSP) has discovered that there are small isolated groups of mountain bongo, still surviving in the wild, living in Kenya’s highland forests.