Conservation Grants Program 2012-2013

Building a shared future for people and primates in Uganda with the New Nature Foundation

The Kibale Fuel Wood Project reduces exploitation of the Kibale National Park and improves community resources by planting trees, building energy efficient stoves.

Anti-poaching and veterinary support in Zambia with the South Luangwa Conservation Society

The excellent work of anti-poaching patrols and veterinary support for the rescue and treatment of animals suffering from wounds has won further support from Taronga.

Assessing human‐bear conflicts in Nepal with the National Trust for Nature Conservation

Assessing human‐bear conflicts in Nepal with the National Trust for Nature Conservation Local experts are securing a shared future for bears and people living in close proximity in Nepal. First steps will determine the economic losses and the impact of conflict on bear populations.

Conducting a Flora and Fauna Audit in the Ipolera region with the Alice Springs Desert Park

We are helping perform a study on the flora and fauna of a region near Alice Springs as a first step to restoring the western quoll or Tjilpa to its traditional home range.

Conservation of Asian Wild Dogs (Dholes) in Cambodia with Oxford University

Understanding the minimum requirements of the Asian wild dog, or dhole is essential to determining the key conservation steps that must be taken to protect it.

Conserving one of South America´s least known mammals with the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland

Brazilian scientists are taking the challenge to fill a gap in much needed knowledge of Brazil’s biodiversity and ecology.

Developing recovery strategies for Northern Corroboree Frog with the Australian National University

Developing recovery strategies for Northern Corroboree Frog with the Australian National University. Taronga’s Herpetofauna team are working with ANU to understand the disease ecology of chytrid fungus to help maximise the survival of reintroduced eggs bred at Taronga Zoo

Enhancing wildlife protection in the Berbak ecosystem with Zoological Society of London

Our support for the important work of our colleagues at ZSL and in Indonesia continues to help protect tigers from poaching through direct patrolling and engagement of the local communities.

Establishing a new population of Hihi (stitchbird) with Bushy Park Trust

A new population of hihi will be established at Bushy Park Trust to reduce the risk to this New Zealand bird threatened with extinction and allow expansion of the population.

Largescale Reforestation in Indonesia with the Friends of National Parks Foundation

Continuing our partnership which started with Tanjang Putting National Park, the Friends of National Parks now are tackling the reforestation of another valuable forest in Indonesia.

Protecting crocodiles and people in the Philippines with the Mabuwaya Foundation

Planting a buffer zone of trees along the border of human and crocodile habitat will reconstruct a natural barrier to protect crocodiles, livestock and people.

Protecting key habitats for Fishing cats in Nepal with Himalayan Nature

Actively engaging the local communities in Koshi Tappu Reserve of Nepal will form an important part of an innovative conservation approach to the and its habitat.

Protecting the Lowland Tapir with IUCN’s Tapir Specialist Group

We proudly support the Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative to expand their efforts to conserve tapirs and their habitats throughout Brazil.

Regenerating the home of Nigeria’s only endemic primate with the Tropical Research and Conservation Centre

Local experts will work with the local community to develop sustainable agriculture practises, improving yield from farms, restoring important habitat and protecting the Sclater’s Guenon.