Do your bit For The Wild

There are lots of ways you can help share our love For The Wild and show your determination.

Simple actions such as only purchasing sustainable seafood, recycling your old mobile or being a responsible per owner can all make a difference.

You can also help Taronga be For the Wild by supporting Tarongaadopting an animal or becoming a Taronga Wildlife Defender.


Learn about the simple actions you can take to be For the Wild:

Fish for Good

Sea-lions, like Nala, need you to choose sustainable seafood products to ensure a future full of fish.

Mobile Phone Recycling Program – We Need Your Phones!

By recycling your old mobile phone you will reduce the demand for the coltan it contains, which will help prevent Gorilla habitats being destroyed to mine this mineral.

Beads for Wildlife

Buy stunning traditional beadwork made by women in remote Kenyan communities. These communities rely on livestock to survive, but this livestock competes with local wildlife like giraffe and zebra for food and water. The beads provide an alternative income. More beads = less livestock = more wildlife! Read more here.

Become a Taronga Wildlife Defender

Share our love for the wild and become a Taronga Wildlife Defender with a regular monthly donations. It's secure, hassle free and is your commitment to support Taronga over the long term.

Become a Zoo Parent and Adopt an Animal Today

If you love the Zoo and its animals, becoming a Zoo Parent is the perfect way to support Taronga, its animals and work in the wild, while getting exciting updates on your adopted animal!