Fiddle the Fishing Cat
Our oldest female Fishing Cat at Taronga Zoo, Fiddle, lost one of her front legs a number of years ago after an injury that could not be fixed surgically.

The timing was terrible as Fiddle was getting ready to be introduced to our young male, Pakikan, and an injury like this could have major impacts on her ability or eagerness to mate. However, Taronga keepers were able to help her with some pretty amazing physiotherapy to get her climbing, scratching and moving around freely. When she was introduced to Pakikan, the two of them hit it off and Taronga’s only Fishing Cat cubs were born. 

Even with only three legs, Fiddle has always been an amazing mother, taking excellent care of her cubs and knowing exactly what to do from the start.  Fiddle and daughter Cantik live together at Taronga and still enjoy each other’s company.