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Cuddles the African Elephant

Name: Cuddles
Born: 1971
Location: Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo

Cuddles is a female African Elephant who arrived at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in 1977 from the United Kingdom.

Cuddles is a real attention seeker and people pleaser. She loves to interact with her keepers from her paddock and enjoys foraging for her food every morning. Cuddles also loves to cover herself in dirt or mud if it’s been raining!

Cuddles is certainly the noisiest elephant living at Zoo, often trumpeting loudly and becoming very animated when keepers move close by. Cuddles can be precious about things at times and is a little nervous relying on her keepers leading her through new training. She is an enthusiastic elephant though and loves to learn it just sometimes takes her a little while to learn new skills or behaviours.