Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoos are part of an Australia-wide breeding program and are home to a number of Tasmanian Devils which are vital to the future of this endangered species.

Tex has successfully sired eight joeys, which is an important contribution to the breeding program, and is on display at Taronga Zoo. His offspring will stay at Taronga until they are old enough to move to other zoos and hopefully produce young of their own.

At Taronga Western Plains Zoo the Tasmanian Devils are off display in a specially-designed breeding enclosure that mimics their natural surroundings in Tasmania. Since 2008, five different breeding pairs have produced 13 young devils, which is vitally important in terms of numbers of young and genetic variability.

2010 is likely to be the last year that the original founder devils will breed and is the first year where the young from 2008 will be old enough to start breeding.