The zoo is full of amazing stories that Mum tells me about sometimes. A few months ago, a Dunedoo property owner found this exhausted Tropicbird. Dunedoo, near Dubbo, is about 300km from the ocean, where Tropicbirds normally live. They only come on land to nest, and usually close to shore. Why was this poor bird so far inland? Unfortunately animals can’t talk and tell us what happened to them (remember the seal who was mauled by a shark and found on Bondi Beach?). Maybe the Tropicbird was blown way inland by strong winds or a cyclone. We’ll never know. 

The bird was taken to Taronga Western Plains Zoo Wildlife Hospital, and treated for dehydration and exhaustion. After only three weeks, it was strong enough to be taken to Sydney and released over the harbour. 

This bird, with its black beak, mottled colouring and short tail feathers, was a juvenile. When it is an adult, it will be pure white, with long, streaming red tail feathers.