Testing Times for Taronga’s Gorilla Toddler Kipenzi
Sunday 12th May 2013
Testing Times for Taronga’s Gorilla Toddler Kipenzi
Mum and daughter

Like mums around the world, Taronga Gorilla, Kriba, is keeping a watchful eye on her increasingly independent two year old daughter, Kipenzi.

Primate keeper, Lisa Ridley said that Kipenzi, the youngest gorilla at Taronga Zoo, has found her feet and is loving testing the boundaries to see how far she can venture from her mother before being reined back in.

“We see it all the time with Zoo visitors as they dart around after their adventurous toddlers, but the interesting thing is, the same scenario is happening at our Gorilla exhibit,” said Lisa.

Kriba is a very experienced mother and although Kipenzi may appear to explore independently, it is all done under the watchful eye of Kriba, who constantly makes sure her daughter isn’t too far away.

According to Lisa the funniest moments are during feeding time. Kipenzi tries to take advantage of the fact that Kriba is distracted by food to do a runner. More often than not you can see Kipenzi tugging and pulling on Kriba’s arm to try and break away.

“It’s certainly not a restful way to have breakfast, but I am sure many human mums can empathise,” said Lisa.

On Mother’s Day, Taronga’s Gorilla family will enjoy some of their favourite food treats including lots of leafy green vegetables.