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With the generous support and vision shown by Gretel Packer, an Executive Patron of the Taronga Foundation and Founding Paton of the Taronga Conservation Science Initiative Taronga’s contribution to conservation science has expanded markedly. Our work encompasses many important areas of scientific endeavour from the enormous living organism that is the Great Barrier Reef to the tiny Corroboree Frog . Taronga scientists bring diverse expertise to join with partners and address specific environmental questions. The value of our collaborative work is the ultimate application of this knowledge to make better informed wildlife and habitat management decisions.

Learn more about our projects and partners:

Marine Ecology

Freezing the Reef

Freezing the Reef
Taronga CryoReserve is now home to over 200 billion cells from the Great Barrier Reef. These cells will be used better understand coral biology and increase resilience of the reef to environmental changes.

Hotspots for Marine Predators

Hotspots for Marine Predators
Tracking fur seals, penguins and other sea birds can tell us about our wildlife and our oceans, and how to best zone protected areas

Preventing Marine Mammal Entanglements

Preventing Marine Mammal Entanglements
A new alarm has been proposed to prevent whales become entangled in shark nets in Australian waters

Wild Shark Social Networks

Wild Shark Social Networks
Taronga’s Marine Biologists are working to understand how grouping behaviour in sharks may affect their vulnerability to human threats such as overfishing and habitat destruction.

Fur Seals, Oceans and People

Fur Seals, Oceans and People
Fur seal populations are increasing in NSW, and interactions with people are increasing, Taronga Marine Biologists are asking how this will impact both species in the future

Terrestrial Ecology

Connecting Wildlife

Connecting Wildlife
We are helping to evaluate, improve and establish new corridors for wildlife in the Gosford area to decrease inbreeding and loss of biodiversity in the area

Conservation of Fijian Iguanas

Conservation of Fijian Iguanas
Abundance and species identification of newly discovered iguana species in Fiji will assist in conservation planning

Wildlife Health

Helping Frogs Fight a Deadly Fungus

Helping Frogs Fight a Deadly Fungus
Understanding frog immune response and adaptation to the deadly chytrid fungus could help conserve these endangered species.

Population Viability

Amphibian IVF

Amphibian IVF
In vitro fertilisation techniques can improve the reproduction and conservation of endangered frog species

Mate Choice and the Devil

Mate Choice and the Devil
Genetic make-up drives mate choice in females of many species including humans – we are asking is it true of the Tasmanian Devil

Animal Welfare

Benchmarking lion welfare

Benchmarking lion welfare
We are developing non-invasive techniques that will give us an objective marker of lion welfare and indicate the impact of changes in a lion’s environment

The Taronga Conservation Science Initiative will continue to grow and develop new research projects and programs. An important aim of this Initiative is not only to fund specific research projects but also to support specialist experts in critical areas of enquiry and engage students and the wider society in the value of science.

To further this work, Taronga has developed partnerships with highly respected institutions like the Smithsonian Institution, the Australian Institute for Marine Science and leading Australian universities, and is using mechanisms including the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grants Scheme and grants from various Foundations, to help finance a number of these projects.

Whilst we have been very successful in securing these grants, much of this funding is conditional on Taronga also raising funds from private sources.  For every dollar we seek from our supporters, we have secured, on average, $4 from government and non-government agencies, making your contribution a highly effective one. 

The Taronga Conservation Science Initiative is proud to acknowledge Ms Gretel Packer as Founding Patron and our associates, partners and supporters:

TCSI Founding Patron
Ms Gretel Packer

TCSI Associates
Mr Peter Hall
Mr David Paradice
Mrs Roslyn Packer

TCSI Partners
Ms Rebel Penfold Russell
Ms Sarah Whyte
Caledonia Foundation

TCSI Supporters
Mr Phillip Bacon
Mr Garry and Mrs Susan Rothwell
Ms Victoria Taylor
Mr James Carnegie

TCSI Donors
Ms Virginia De Michele
Ms Linda Newton
Mr John and Mrs Alice Alexander
Ms Anna Dowe
Mr Peter and Mrs Jannette Miller
Ms Rowena Danziger and Mr Ken Coles
Mr Maurice Newman
Dr Rebecca Spindler and Mr Duncan Bourne
Ms Francesca Hynes
Ms Georgina Strömland
Mr Eric Braun
Mr Harold Shapiro
Ms Christina Ditfurth
Mr Guy Cooper
Ms Kellie Robertson
Ms Rachel Bourke
Mrs Chantelle Ormandy-Stratton
Ms Catherine Francis
Ms Francesca Packer Barham
Maddy Hart
Benjamin Barham