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Ever had an idea that could change the world?

In 2011, Taronga offered a $50,000 Green Grant to fund the best and most innovative project to inspire Australian communities to live more sustainably and have a positive impact on our wildlife. We received fantastic proposals that year and our winners – Take 3 – A Clean Beach Initiative continue to spearhead programs for wildlife and ocean health around Australia and the world.

Now, we are looking for wholly original and innovative ideas to transform local communities and inspire people around the globe to embrace change.

The world’s top minds agree that if we all keep using resources at the current rate, the earth will not be able to sustain our populations. Scientists already conclude that one third of species on the planet could be extinct by 2050. We pride ourselves on being close to nature and good stewards of the natural world, but Australia is at the bottom of all developed countries in green behaviours like recycling. There is so much more we could do.

There are great initiatives around Australia being led by scientists and governments, but we know you have great ideas that provide elegant solutions to overuse and waste of resources. We want to help you put those ideas into action.

Submit your application here and you could be offered up to $50,000 to change the way Australians think feel and act For the Wild.

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Taronga Green Grants Appliction Form

Taronga Green Grants Appliction Form
Application form and more information about Taronga Green Grants.

2011 Taronga Green Grants

2011 Taronga Green Grants
Taronga’s Conservation Committee received 209 applications from across Australia in 2010 which were accesses by a panel including top environmentalists.