The Dinosaurs became extinct again on 1 February 2015. Find Out More ▶
Dino Keeper Talk

Dinosaur Trail

Pick up a Dinosaur Trail map at any of the entrances to the Zoo. It will show you where all of the dinosaurs are located, and set you dedicated challenges as you track them all down. It will also provide instructions on how to use our amazing 3D interactive experience!.

Dino Keeper Talks

Each day, you’ll have the chance to hear our Dinosaur Keepers talk about our newest arrivals at the Dinosaur Lawns. (map ref 3F).

Our Keeper Talks run at 11am and 2pm every day, and they give you the chance to hear more about dinosaurs, the time when they roamed the earth, and to learn about the importance of protecting today’s remarkable wildlife from extinction. 

Dino Lawns

At our Dinosaur Lawns (map ref 3F), you can experience our wild activity hub, with our T-Rex, Stegosaurus Robot and there’s also a Fossil Pit Dig for the kids to learn more about palaeontology. What kind of remains will you find?

You’ll also find a wide range of prehistoric toys, gifts and souvenirs at our Dino Shop (map ref 4E)

Dino Cafe

After exploring the dinosaur trail, you’ll be feeling as ravenous as a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Luckily enough, our very own Dino Cafe is sure to satisfy your hunger. Get your teeth into a Styracosaurus sausage in a roll, a Brachiosaurus Beef Burger, or even a bowl of Jurassic slaw (map ref 4H).

Alternatively, head down to the Taronga Food Market (map ref 12G) and pick up your bonus 3D T-Rex Collector Cup with every Frozen Coke purchase!