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Tyrannosaurus Rex
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Pronounced tie-ran-oh-sore-us, and meaning ‘Tyrant Lizard’, the T-Rex was considered the ‘king’ of the dinosaurs and the ultimate predator!

This powerful, terrifying carnivore with huge jaws and bone-crunching teeth stood 5 metres tall and was longer than a bus (an average of 14 metres long) and weighed an average of 6 tonnes. The T-Rex also had a keen sense of smell.

Some scientists now think that rather than scales, the T-Rex was actually born with feathers. These may have been bird-like or more like a fuzzy covering.

The T-Rex roamed the USA and Canada from the late cretaceous period (65 million years ago).

Just like the Tyrannosaurus, Tasmanian Devils have strong jaws that easily crunch through flesh and bone.

The Tasmanian Devil is facing extinction. Taronga is working with the Tasmanian Government and zoos across Australia to save this species from Devil Facial Tumour Disease. You can help by adopting our Tasmanian Devils today!

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 Tyrannosaurus Rex


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