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Echidnas rock climb at the Zoo's Education Centre
Echidnas rock climb at the Zoo's Education Centre

Students can now visit the Zoo without leaving their classroom through the use of a range of interactive video conferences.

Schools can choose from special events such as literacy and biodiversity and even book a pre-Zoo visit video conference. This is the perfect way to engage your students in the pre-zoo learning journey in our resources.

stage 4 & 5 Design and technology: designing animal re zoo dence

Integrates with: Science and Geography

Who cares about Animal Welfare? We do, and we're happy to share our passion to inspire your students through an exciting project- based learning opportunity. Choose one of our animals and design your own enclosure for them. Discover the diversity of designs that we've used here at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, learn about the Taronga Animal Welfare Charter and wonder at the amazing features of animals that might inform your design. 

 Throughout this school-based  project, you'll work with Taronga Western Plains Zoo Education staff at three checkpoints to help you realise your dream design. 

Workshop 1: Via VC

Learn about zoos past and present, visitor experience considerations, conservation campaigns and telling a story through exhibits. Record your information in your design journal and keep brainstorming for your own exhibit!

Workshop 2: At the Zoo

Visit some of our enclosures, conduct an ethogram, learn some more about your animal and ask all of those tough questions that you haven't been able to answer elsewhere!

Workshop 3: Via VC

Make sure your exhibit is using up-to-date technology and materials and that you've considered sustainability in your design. It's also time to reflect on your journey and ask any last minute questions you may have. 

Don't forget to send us your final designs so that we can see all of your hard work!

Contact us for more information and resources:


Phone: (02) 68811433

Special Event VC suggestions

Let the Zoo help you and your students engage with and celebrate Australia’s nationally-recognised events 

  • Biodiversity Month (Adaptations of Australian Threatened Species) 

  • Schools Tree day

  • Clean Up Australia Day

  • World Environment Day (Endangered animals)

  • Senior Biology programs

  • Business Studies

  • Reconciliation Week

  • NAIDOC Week 

  • Col Hardy's 'Animals of the Dreaming' 

How to book a Video Conference

Please contact us directly on (02) 68811433. To be able to access our sessions you must have video conferencing facilities. *We use a "Tanberg" system which can connect to the "Polycom" systems.