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The following ideas will help you and your class enjoy a memorable and inspiring excursion: 

  • Fill your bus by combining with other faculties/subjects such as Business Studies, Creative Arts, D&T. We offer a range of workshops for these and other courses
  • Decide on the purpose of your excursion
  • Use parent helpers
  • Organise your students into small groups prior to arrival
  • Ensure that students are supervised at all times
  • Plan your trail around the Zoo grounds before you begin
  • Give the students time to stop and observe the animals and enclosures
  • Incorporate keeper presentations into your excursion - they are informative and fun
  • Provide a map for all supervising adults and students. A map will be emailed to you at the time of booking
  • Ensure you have payment with you on arrival
  • Have your children/group assemble a "Zoo kit" e.g. notebook, pencils, clipboard, art paper, crayons, Zoo map, camera and resource (if required)
  • Prepare for unexpected issues, for example, rain, lost students, accidents and travel problems
  • Have fun! The Zoo is a fun and magical place. Enjoy the adventure with your students