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When you Clean Up Australia you are also cleaning up for minibeasts.


This videoconference session encourages students who are participating in Schools Clean Up Day. Zoo Educators show live invertebrates, which benefit greatly from a clean and healthy environment. 

Live invertebrates including spiders, phasmids and Giant Burrowing Cockroaches will be shown as students learn about invertebrate characteristics, their predators and prey, special features for survival, and role in maintaining biodiversity.  Students will also have a chance to discuss the role humans play in protecting invertebrates and learn how to create essential minibeast habitat. 

Video conference themes:

  • The amazing diversity and biology of invertebrates in Australia and other countries
  • Investigating the importance of keeping invertebrate habitat pollution free
  • How to create essential invertebrate habitat

Stage/Age Targeted



 26th, 27th and 28th Feb 2014


$60, recommended class size 30


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