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Squirrel Gliders (Petaurus norfolcensis)

Moth - Squirrel Glider
Moth and Cobweb are sisters who were bred at the Zoo and hand-raised in 2004 by a Taronga Zookeeper from the Australian Fauna section. Although they look identical, their personalities are very different with Moth being very shy and Cobweb outgoing and cheeky. From a young age these gliders have been groomed for an important life as ambassadors for their species. In particular they are used to represent their endangered Squirrel Glider cousins at Pittwater - a small colony clinging to existence in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney. Our Education Officers often visit that area in Taronga's Zoomobile to educate people about the importance of wildlife corridors and habitat areas and have featured several times in local papers never failing to captivate and inspire their audiences.