Education Precincts – Our Living Classrooms

Taronga Zoo has unique learning precincts where students can immerse themselves in the natural world and interact with animals.

Taronga Zoo

Dare to Discover Backyard to Bush

Backyard to Bush at Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo’s Backyard to Bush is an extraordinary journey through Australian animals – from the pets and creepy crawlies that share our homes, to the farm, and the mysterious bush...

The Biggest Thing Ever in the Zoo: Experience the Wonder of Wild Asia

Wild Asia at Taronga Zoo

The Village School learning facility, set in the Wild Asia rainforest and near many Asian animals, provides a unique and inspiring location for talks and programs.

See it, Sense it, Save it: Learn at the Education Centre

Education Centre at Taronga Zoo

Few educators have access to resources like those of Taronga Zoo’s Education Centre. What student could fail to be inspired by touching a Diamond Python or stroking a Possum?