Educational Animals


Pugsley is a female short-beaked echidna who was found in October 1996. A couple of residents of the town of Cooma were out walking in nearby bushland when their dog chased after an echidna.


Blossie is a female Ringtail Possum who was born in the wild a decade ago. One night Blossie was bought into a house in Mosman by the owner's toothless cat.


Cobar is a Western Grey Kangaroo which was brought to Dubbo to Taronga Western Plains Zoo in January of 1993. A member of the public found her in her mother's pouch at Cobar after the mother had been hit and killed by a car.


Crash is a Long-nosed Bandicoot brought to Taronga Zoo's Wildlife Hospital in October 2005 after being found by a member of the public. Crash's mother was found dead after being hit by a car in Warriewood on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Moth and Cobweb

Moth and Cobweb are Squirrel Glider sisters who were bred at the Zoo and hand-raised in 2004 by a Taronga Zookeeper from the Australian Fauna section. Although they look identical, their personalities are very different.


Sven is a corn snake who was confiscated by Australian Customs in 1999 after entering Australia as a victim of the illegal pet trade. A number of corn snakes, including Sven, had been wrapped tightly in socks and placed inside remote controlled toy cars and fire engines.


Turramurra is a Tawny Frogmouth and was hand-raised at Taronga Zoo by an animal husbandry trained Senior Education Officer. In September 1999, when Turramurra was 2-3 weeks old, he had fallen out of a tree in a backyard in the New South Wales suburb of Turramurra.