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Taronga Teachers Association

Geography at Taronga - Stage 3 unit for the new Geography syllabus

10.00am , Friday December 18th, 2015:

 The New Geography Syllabus in a Taronga Zoo context. We'll examine a new unit of work that explores Taronga's conservation programs through the 'lens' of People, Place and Issues in Australia and other countries.  This webinar is designed for teachers who are interested in guiding their class through such a unit. Our new unit will stand alone and also integrate the 2016 Taronga Centennary events and celebrations.

  • During the session you will have access to our new unit of work, which is ready for implementation next year. 
  • Approval has been granted for a MyPL non-registered status. 
  • MyPl event title: Geography at Taronga Zoo,  Event ID: 120240 ,  Course Code: NR09334
  • To join us, please use your Department of Education logon to the Adobe session: 

Please call Rod on 99784552 should you have any questions relating to this event.