Taronga Teachers Association Events

Members are invited to attend Taronga's range of events for teachers. As a TTA member, you will be able to enjoy these events free of change. You will also receive more information regarding these events closer to the date.

Exclusive Member Events 2014

Exclusive Early Morning and Twilight Holiday Zoo Walks

Wed 15th Jan 2014 - Wed 16th Apr 2014
Take in the magnificent harbour views, grab some exercise and get inspired by Taronga’s wonderful animals on our exclusive Holiday Walks!

Education for Sustainability Series 2014

Animals in Schools Workshop

Wed 23rd Apr 2014 9:30am - 3:00pm
Learn which animals are suitable for having in your classroom and why. Get introduced to caring for these animals and additional resources on biodiversity and related classroom lessons.

Implementing a Sustainability Action Process in your school

Tue 12th Aug 2014
What is the Sustainability Action Process and how can you apply this to your school. This two part series will answer these questions and assist in your implementation planning for the future.

Aboriginal Education Day

Tue 30th Sep 2014 9:30am - 3:00pm
School teachers are invited to join our dynamic professional learning workshop to gain valuable knowledge, information and resource ideas for integrating Aboriginal perspectives into teaching programs.

Implementing a project in-situ in your school

Mon 17th Nov 2014
How to implement a community conservation program by recognising and helping a locally threatened species in your area.