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School holiday program

Zoo Adventures is a school holiday program for children between the ages of 5-10. Children experience the sights and sounds of the Zoo while also enjoying some of our keeper talks and shows.

Each day has a theme and children will join in lots of fun activites including arts and crafts. Some of our animal themes from the last holidays include 'Nocturnal Neighbours', 'The Battle for Birds', and 'Rocking Reptiles'.

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Week 1


30th June


Tongue Twisters! - Giraffes

With hooves as big as dinner plates, a tongue longer than a ruler and a heart that weighs 14kgs everything about them is BIG! Today let’s learn about Giraffes and the animals they share the African plains with. We will meet a Keeper and learn how they work with the animals in their care as well as visiting other African herbivores at the Zoo. The Free Flight Bird Show will be enjoyed today along with craft, games and activities to keep Zoo Adventurers entertained all day.


1st July


Under The Sea! – Great Southern Oceans - FULLY BOOKED

Even though it’s Winter, it’s still wet and wild for our Marine Mammals Keepers and the animals that call Great Southern Oceans home! Lets’ explore the depths of an underwater world and talk to our amazing trainers about the seals in our Show. We will also learn what we can do to help care for our sea-faring friends.


2nd July


Playtime for Primates! - Chimpanzees

Let’s go bananas as we visit our Chimpanzees today. We will meet a Keeper and learn how they work with the animals in their care, and we will even help the Keepers make the Chimps’ day super exciting! Let’s enjoy the Free Flight Bird Show, and have enough games and activities for even the most energetic Zoo Adventurers today!


3rd July

Farmyard Capers! – Backyard to Bush / Kids Zoo

Today we visit Backyard to Bush to meet the animals of the farm. Goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, Guinea Pigs and ducks await us, and of course what is a farmyard without the barn and vegetable patch to explore as well. Today is the chance for those in the city to learn what life is all about on the farm. We can also meet a Keeper, have fun at the farmyard playground, see the Seal Show and join in a range of activities that Zoo Adventures will just love!


4th July

Little Devils! - Tasmanian Devils

Let your little devils meet our little devils today as we learn all about the amazing work being done to protect Australia’s largest carnivore. Let’s discover why they are called devils, why they are under threat and what you can do to help. We will visit the amazing Free Flight Bird Show today and find some of the most amazing animals that call Australia home.

Week 2


7th July


Forest Frenzy! - Lemur Forest Adventure

Let your little monkeys meet our little monkeys today at the Zoo. We will explore the world of primates from the huge Gorillas to the cheeky Spider Monkeys. We will get up close with the Ring-tailed Lemurs today and also visit the underwater antics of the Seal Show. A crazy day of adventure awaits us!


8th July


Snakes Alive! - Reptiles - FULLY BOOKED

What do snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles and crocodiles all have in common? They are all reptiles! Let’s meet some of these reptilian friends and talk to the Keepers about how they care for all these different animals in a day of slimy, scaly, slithery adventure! We’ll visit the Free Flight Bird Show today as well.


9th July


Super Safari Fun! – Carnivores/Meerkats

Explorers get ready for a day of wild African safari fun! From the vast open savannah to the jungles and forests, today we will visit some of the animals that call Africa home and help the Keepers by making a huge Meerkat mansion to go into the exhibit. The Seal Show is a must today too!


10th July

Brilliant Birds – QBE Free Flight Bird Show

Meet our awesome Bird Show trainers and watch them work their magic with the most beautiful birds you can imagine! Learn how you can apply these techniques with your pets at home – maybe even your friends! After watching the training we will watch the show of course!

We will also explore the different bird habitats within the Zoo today and also meet some feathered friends along the way!


11th July


Doctor Doolittle – Taronga Wildlife Carers

Let’s look at how Taronga cares for native wildlife. Lots of animals arrive at the Zoo needing special care for many different reasons and today we will learn how Taronga helps give our native Aussie animals a fighting chance to get back into the wild. We will meet a Keeper and learn how they work with the animals in their care as well as visiting the Seal Show and filling the day with action packed-activities and adventure for all!