I bet you love elephants, hey? They are one of my favourites to visit at the zoo. Well, in some parts of Africa, elephants make humans angry because they eat all their food and the plants they are trying to grow for food. The humans sometimes shoot the elephants if they come too close to their village’s crops and farms. Taronga wanted to help some people in Mozambique, in Africa, who were having this very problem because it would also help the elephants, so they gave them some money to build a bee-hive fence! What could that be, I wondered?

Have you ever been stung by a bee? It hurts, doesn’t it and I bet you didn’t like it? Well, elephants don’t like bees either! And so, the people at Niassa, a village who faced the problems with the elephants, thought of a plan! They thought, if they can build a fence around their crops, and build bee hives along it, they could get bees to live there and scare away the elephants! So that’s what they did – and it is working…slowly but surely the elephants had found out where all the bees live around the farms and have decided to stay away because they don’t like being stung!

I thought it was a very clever idea when Mum told me. The humans get to keep their food crops and can even eat and sell the bees honey, the elephants don’t get shot by angry farmers and the bees have nice hives to live in. It’s a pity my homework is not scared of bees!