For an ocean friendly future Fish for Good ▶

Taronga's Fish For Good, is a marine conservation campaign aimed at empowering people to make informed choices when they buy seafood for their family so they not only enjoy a nutritious meal but also help protect our oceans at the same time.

As part of the partnership, Woolworths is the principal supporter of Taronga’s Great Southern Oceans precinct, which provides a unique experience of Australia’s marine wildlife and highlights its conservation needs. Funds will also directly support a range of the Zoo’s marine protection programs, working to help species from the Antarctic to the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Fish For Good helps you navigate Woolworths supermarket shelves to find seafood that has been certified by different bodies as responsiblyand sustainably sourced.


Taronga Conservation Society Australia

As a conservation organisation, Taronga believes that people and wildlife can share this planet both now and in the future, and through simple actions we can all help to make this a reality.


As a major retailer of seafood, we recognise our role in safeguarding oceans in a sustainable way. Seafood is an integral part of our fresh food offer so healthy oceans, sustainable fish stocks and a thriving fishing industry are all-essential to our business.