This fantastic family of monkeys just arrived from Mogo Zoo. The four brothers are called Wan, Trichidae, and twins JD and Petey. These gorgeous little creatures can fit in the palm of your hand, and weigh about as much as two apples. They live in sociable groups high in the trees of the tropical forests of Colombia. Fluffy white hair grows from a bony crest running from their forehead to their shoulders, making them look like heavy-metal rock stars. 

During the day, they scamper in the treetops finding yummy food, like fruit, insects, and sometimes flowers or little reptiles. They sleep together in small groups (2-13) at night, then an hour before dawn, they leave the sleeping tree and spend the day travelling, searching for food, grooming and resting. Maybe that’s why they look so great!

One group member always keeps a lookout for dangerous predators like hawks, weasels and snakes. Understandably these little creatures are nervous. Imagine having to always be watching out for a big bird or lizard coming to eat you!