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Australian Shelduck
Australian Sea-lion
Australian Sea-lion The Australian Sea-lion is a large sea mammal growing two and a half metres in length and weighing up to 220kg. > More
Australian Reed-warbler
Australian Raven
Australian Pelican
Australian Lungfish
Australian Little Penguin
Australian Little Penguin The Little Penguin is the smallest of all penguin species, weighing around 1kg and reaching about 30cm tall. > More
Australian King-parrot
Australian Hobby
Australian Figbird
Australian Brush-turkey
Australasian Shoveler
Australasian Grebe
Asian Elephant
Asian Elephant Learn about the Asian Elephant, including Taronga's involvement in conservation programs, and meet each of our herd members here. > More
Arafura File Snake
Arabian Camel
Andean Condor
Amy's Knob-tailed Gecko
Amethystine Python
American Cockroach
American Bison
American Alligator
Aldabra Giant Tortoise
Agile Wallaby
African Wild Dog
African Wild Dog African Wild Dogs live in a range of habitats including short-grass plains, semi-desert, bushy savannahs and upland forest. > More
African Lion
African Lion Lions are incredibly fast animals when hunting their prey. They can reach speeds of up to 60km/hr and leap up to 12m. > More
African Elephant
African Crested Porcupine
African Buffalo