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The very talented gorilla on the rope, carrying leaves on her shoulder, is Mbeli. She is the daughter of the zoo’s former silverback and his favourite female. After three years in Melbourne zoo, Mbeli came back last year. She has been introduced to Kibali, the current silverback (most important male in a gorilla group), in the hopes that they will breed. Mbeli is crazy about Kibali and spends hours trying to impress him. 

Tracey Dierikx took this wonderful picture. She visits the zoo most weekends with another photo-buddy. “We love trying to get great photos of the animals doing different things, and basically looking happy, healthy, and having a great time,” says Tracey.  

Be sure to bring your camera next time you go to the zoo. You don’t know what you will see! Animals make great photo subjects. Then you can post your pictures on the Taronga Zoo Facebook page.