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Thank you to the following sponsors for your generous support of the Zoo Parent program at the Jungle level.

Snow Leopards Salvador Aguirre
Green & Golden Bell Frogs Robert Albert
Tasmanian Devils  Alstom Limited
Platypus  Aquacut Pty Ltd
Asian Elephants Helen Archer
Zebras Katrina Atkinson
Malayan Sun Bears Debra Baker
Barking Owls Sue Barklimore and Pam Clifford
Malayan Sun Bears Dana Bewick
Sumatran Tigers Mary Catena Biviano
Lions  Bohemia Group
Sumatran Tigers  Bolte Civil
Pygmy Hippopotamus  Boomworks Pty Ltd
Tasmanian Devils Pamela Butler
Sumatran Tigers Loretta Cadorin
Wombats Elaine Challenger
Red Pandas Kim Chen
Phascogales Elizabeth Cyganski
Wombats Tina Davies
Lions Gavin Douglass
Francois Langurs and Ring-tailed Lemurs Anna Dowe
Francois Langurs Harry James Dunn
Malayan Sun Bears Dr B & Mrs J Dutta and Family
Meerkats Shawn Egtberts
Tasmanian Devils Scott Epple
Sumatran Tigers Willow Essex
Binturongs & Long Beaked Echidnas Emmanuel Fardoulis
Emus Paul Ferguson
Eastern Barred Bandicoots Paul Ferguson
Fishing Cats Stephen Fischer
Fishing Cats Ryissa Fogarty
Meerkats Laura Foster
Small-clawed Otters Mark George
Sumatran Tigers Cleo Giezekamp
Sumatran Tigers Lucy Giles
Cheetahs Mark Goldsmith
Lions Michelle Grady
Bongos Leisa Griffin
Snow Leopards Joy Guinane
Feathertail Gliders Megan Haines
Asian Elephants Debbie Holloway
Tasmanian Devils Jessica Hore
Asiatic Wild Dholes Pamela Hynd
African Hunting Dogs Pamela Hynd
Snow Leopards Lynn Iles
Asiatic Elephants Peter and Audrey Iles
Asiatic Elephants  In Memory of Cathy Oslington
Red Pandas Reiko Izawa
Tasmanian Devils Jack Jardine
Little Penguins Jack Jardine
Snow Leopards Raihana Kapusta
Orang-utans John Kell
Asiatic Elephants Jill Lacey
Meerkats Geoffrey Maher
Asiatic Elephants Glenise Maher
Red Pandas Phillip Manley
Snow Leopards Fiona and Paul Martin
Red Pandas Grace and Declan Michell
Meerkats Elizabeth Muirhead
Asian Elephants Brendan O'Dea
Parrots Stephen Pallavicini
Small-clawed Otters  Park Regis City Centre
Pygmy Hippopotamus  Park Regis Concierge Apartments
Red Pandas Moya Phillips
Dingoes  Phoenix Engineering Australia
Malayan Sun Bears Elizabeth Plsek
Seals and Sea Lions Luaan Poggi
Platypus R Potter
Seals and Sea Lions Laura Prince
Red Pandas James Ratcliffe
Tasmanian Devils Nicolas Reynolds
Giraffes Rhonda Riley
Ghost Bats Helen Rutherford
Meerkats Salamon Family
Elephants and Red Pandas and Bilbies Janis Salisbury
Tasmanian Devils Janis Salisbury
Gouldian Finches Alison Scott
Red Pandas  Shane Bedford and Linda Hunt
Komodo Dragons Amanda Sichter
Echidnas Kerry Small
Asian Elephants Jenny Tait
Giraffes  The Green Giraffe
Francois Langurs Evelyn Tjeuw
Frogs Bradley Tonkes
Asian Elephants Melissa Tovey
Sumatran Tigers Maria Tulich
Asian Elephants  Tusk Productions
Cheetahs Kirstie van der Zanden
Cheetahs Marlene Verbeek
Giraffes Emma Watkins
Sumatran Tigers Ingrid Harso & Seandy Wibowo
Lowland Gorillas Ben Wilkinson
Bongos Grant and Kerrie Williams
Sumatran Tigers Andrew Wise
Koalas Mayor Yada

List updated 27 August 2014.