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Adopt your favourite animal from Taronga Zoo or Taronga Western Plains Zoo and become a Zoo Parent from just $48 for a whole year.

Zoo Parents get great benefits including:

  • Personalised adoption certificate for your chosen animal
  • Subscription to Wild Life, Taronga’s exciting magazine all about the Zoos and the work we do
  • Detailed information about your adopted animal
  • Monthly email updates on what’s happening at our Zoos
  • 100% tax deductibility on your Zoo Parent adoption
  • Plus many more benefits for higher levels, including the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Zoo!

One of the best benefits is knowing that as a Zoo Parent you’re helping support Taronga’s conservation work.

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A great gift idea

Zoo Parent animal adoption makes a great gift - it's unique, easy to purchase and doesn't even need to be wrapped! Perfect for all animal lovers.

From just $48 a year you can afford to treat all your friends and family to the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Support the Taronga Foundation

Zoo Parent animal adoption funds Taronga’s work, such as international research and education programs focusing on endangered species around the world, as well as assisting with the conservation, breeding and preservation of wild animals and their habitats.