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Asian Elephants need your help today

Asian Elephants need your help today.

The dangers facing these intelligent animals are caused by people – from poaching and habitat destruction, to human-elephant conflict. And as populations grow, the elephants are increasingly forced to leave their shrinking forests to find food and shelter. 

When this leads to contact with people – or the destruction of crops they depend on for survival – it can have devastating results. 

Before coming to Taronga, our elephants lived most of their lives in tourist camps and some had spent time on city streets begging for food and money from tourists. But here in Sydney, they’ve formed a strong family, and are given everything they need to be happy and thrive.

We see our elephants as strong ambassadors of their wild cousins. With your support, we can work together to help save Asian Elephants from being lost from the wild - forever.

With your help, we’ll be able to continue to help increase the wild areas elephants need to survive and thrive, help locals create safer barriers between their properties and the elephants’ natural habitat, and expand breeding programs here in Australia.

Any donation of $2 or over is 100 per cent tax deductible for Australian residents.

Please give generously and help support our Asian Elephant Conservation Breeding Program. 

Donate now.