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Of the 103 lemur species, over 90% are under threat. Habitat destruction is the biggest threat. Madagascar’s forests are the only place lemurs exist in the wild, but they’re being destroyed at a disastrous rate. Your urgent gift will help fund our conservation program in Madagascar.


Madagascar. The very word conjures images of an exotic island nation with strange creatures that exist nowhere else – just like Australia.

But unlike Australia, Madagascar is incredibly poor. Tragically, this has led to the destruction of its once-lush forests – and endangered unique Madagascan animals like the lemur.

We’re working hard to save the lemur and other animals from extinction – but we need your help.

Lemurs are fascinating, intelligent and social creatures. But over 90% of lemur species are under threat. And there are just 19 of the rarest species left – which means they’re on the brink of extinction.

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And Ring-tailed Lemurs eat the fruit from the forest and pass the seeds in their poo, which helps the forest thrive. So if these lemurs are lost, the entire ecosystem could implode.

We’ve teamed up with leading experts in Madagascan conservation to help protect and regenerate the island’s forests, so animals like the lemur can survive and thrive once more.

We’ve established a world-class lemur breeding facility at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. And we’ll soon be opening our new lemur conservation walk-through exhibit, the Lemur Forest Adventure, at Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

With your urgent help, Taronga will be able to continue with groundbreaking breeding, research and conservation programs, including our work in Madagascar.

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