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Positive Actions that can help your environment

Taronga is committed to conservation but it is you who can make the greatest difference to wildlife and habitats.  

As the world's population increases and our lifestyles change, we are using more of the world's natural resources. This is not sustainable. There are many things you can do each day to prevent more animals and plants being lost forever as a result of how we live. Click on the links below to find out how you can help and get involved.

Fish for Good

Sea-lions, like Nala, need you to choose sustainable seafood products to ensure a future full of fish.

Wildlife Witness

Help us spill the secrets of wildlife trade criminals to reduce the threat of illegal trade on the future of wildlife.

Raise your palm

Sumatran Tigers are losing their habitat to palm plantations. Join the campaign for the truthful labeling of products containing palm oil so you can make the choice to save this animal.

Beads for Wildlife

Buy stunning traditional beadwork made by women in remote Kenyan communities. These communities rely on livestock to survive, but this livestock competes with local wildlife like giraffe and zebra for food and water. The beads provide an alternative income. More beads = less livestock = more wildlife! Read more here.

Mobile Phone Recycling Program – We Need Your Phones!

By recycling your old mobile phone you will reduce the demand for the coltan it contains, which will help prevent Gorilla habitats being destroyed to mine this mineral.
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