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Gorilla With Baby

Thank-you for supporting the They're Calling on You mobile phone recycling campaign. By recycling your old mobile phone, you help to raise awareness of the issues facing Gorillas, as well as raise funds to help protect these precious primates in the wild. To make a donation on behalf of your school, please follow these 4 easy steps!


Step 1. Register your School's support!

Download the School Registration Form below.

Once you have filled in the form, please fax it to (02) 9978 4613 or email to Registering your support helps ARP and Taronga Conservation Society Australia account for and acknowledge your donation.

Step 2. Collect phones

Raise awareness of the link between Gorillas and mobile phones and encourage your school to make a difference! Download and print either the colour or black and white poster below to engage support. Identify a main drop-off point for the phones and make it easily accessible. You can collect phones in a box or a container of your own. Download Posters - see below.

Step 3. Package phones

Once you have collected the phones, pack them in a box and download the courier label below and attach it to the box.

Step 4. Arrange your FREE courier pick up!

Once you have collected 16 phones or more you are eligible for a free courier pick-up. When you are ready to have your phones collected download the Courier Request Form below.

Then call the Aussie Recycling Program on (03) 9532 1237 or fax them on (03) 9532 0274 to book a pick-up. When arranging pick-up by phone, please give ARP shipment details including the pick up address, the total number of boxes, weight and dimensions of the boxes, and contact name and times your pick up will be available.