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 ‘One of the best, and I guess the most unexpected things are the comments you get from the Aussies that are accompanying an international visitor on a tour of the Aus mammals section......"really...I never knew that.....do they really do that.....oh is that what's killing the Tassie Devil...etc". So little is known about our amazing marsupials.’

– Darcy Shedden






‘In my first week at TWH I heard that there was a doll in the surgery. Turned out to be a dhole...’

– Jules Sanders

‘A little girl (about 3 years old) squealed when she saw me, came running at me, threw her arms around my knees and exclaimed "a real life Zoo lady!". Her Mum peeled her off me looking embarrassed and said "she just loves the Zoo and wants to be a Zoo Lady one day, it’s all she talks about". Still makes me smile when I remember that day.’

– Linda North

‘Tears of joy from a visitor whose day I made!’

– Shirley Kirkwood

‘The best parts are the Aussie tours and the chance to meet such a wide range of people all wanting to share and learn about our amazing wildlife.
The unexpected bonuses are seeing people's faces go from shock and fear to interest and then to acceptance when having a close encounter with a snake or lizard!
Finally, the other Vollies make my day every time!’

– Christie Stiddard

Volunteers 2





‘John who follows me around the Australian walkthrough enclosure like a lost puppy and occasionally bomb dives me and bats me on the head with 'her' wing. For me it is the strong bonds we form with the animals we look after, discovering their cute little quirks and the feeling of excitement when I walk into the Zoo every fortnight.’

- Laura Weidenauer

‘Every week working at Taronga Wildlife Hospital there are unexpected events! The joys of looking after animals for weeks and then seeing them be released into the wild or with other animals in the Zoo is a really amazing feeling and makes it so worthwhile coming into the Zoo. The faces of the recovering possums peeping out of their boxes when browse and flowers are placed in their cages lights up every one of my volunteer days!’

- Nina Klien

‘The most unexpected thing I have found in volunteering at Taronga is that every day is different and we never stop learning. Still studying and it's great.’

– Jo Nevin

What is the best or most unexpected thing you have gotten from volunteering?
Let us know at volunteertz@zoo.nsw.gov.au