Keri Le Page : Flower Power
Keri Le Page : Flower Power



Keri Le Page


Flower Power

Proudly Sponsored By

Orange City Council

Rhino Sculpture Location

Orange Adventure Playground
Yellowbox Way, Orange NSW 

Rhino Inspiration

This design was inspired by flowers in a meadow on a spring day. It captures the vibrant colours of spring which are a celebration of the new beginnings that occur in the cycle of nature every year. 'Flower Power' matches the personality of Sydney in being bold, colourful and just a little bit irreverent.

Artist statement

Keri Le Page is a Talent & Diversity Manager by day and an enthusiastic amateur artist by night. She has been painting, sculpting and drawing and creating since she was a child. She has travelled extensively and was particularly inspired by a 3 month camping trip around Africa where she tracked wild rhinos on foot and experienced a broad range of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Keri was chosen as an artist in the 'Mali in the City' project where she painted a life sized sculpture of baby elephant Mali.