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<div style="float: right;"><a href="/wild-rhinos/webform/taronga-wild-rhinos-auction">[nodepicker==image==11277==content-image==image-inline==no-lightbox====no-caption] </a></div><h2>Artist</h2><p style="font-weight: normal;">Rain Hart</p><h2>Title</h2><p>Chupa Chups</p><h2>Proudly Sponsored By</h2><p style="font-weight: normal;"><a href="http://www.stuartalexander.com.au/" target="_blank">Stuart Alexander &amp; Co Pty Ltd</a></p><h2>Rhino Sculpture Location</h2><p style="font-weight: normal;">Queen Square (opposite) Hyde Park Barracks</p><h2>Rhino Inspiration</h2><p>My inspiration came from an illustration I drew two years ago that had a strong tribal feel as most people would describe it. While coming up with this design I enjoy looking at the latest trend in the fashion world and loving the Aztec prints with the loud colours, crazy shapes and the use of animals like tigers, lions, bears, zebra etc.</p><h2>Artists statement</h2><p>Art onto 3D shapes, Rain finds this an interesting way to express creativity and even more so if it can help at all to raise awareness for the endangered species of Rhinos.</p><h2><strong>Sculpture Details</strong></h2><p><strong>Type :&nbsp;</strong>Large (adult)</p><p><strong>Measurements</strong> : 1340mm (h) x 2250mm (l) x 800mm (w)</p><p><strong>Weight </strong>: Approximately 60Kg</p>