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<h2>APA Group</h2><p>APA is Australia’s largest natural gas infrastructure business, owning and/or operating $12 billion of energy assets. Its gas transmission pipelines span every state and territory on mainland Australia, delivering approximately half of the nation’s gas usage. APA has direct management and operational control over its assets and the majority of its investments. APA also holds minority interests in energy infrastructure enterprises including Envestra, SEA Gas Pipeline, Energy Infrastructure Investments and GDI. APT Pipelines Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Australian Pipeline Trust and is the borrowing entity of APA Group.</p><p>Website:<br><a href="http://www.apa.com.au/" target="_blank">www.apa.com.au</a><br><br></p><h2>Sponsored Rhino Sculpture:</h2><table style="border: 0px solid #ffffff; width: 100%" border="0" frame="void" align="center"><tbody><tr><td>[nodepicker==image==10259==content-image==image-left==no-lightbox====no-caption] </td></tr><tr><td><a href="http://taronga.org.au/image/shaun-gilchrist-galactic-rhino"></a>[nodepicker==link==node/10259==Darryl%20and%20Kathleen%20Brown%20%3A%20Sentient%20Being==Sentient%20Being] </td></tr></tbody></table>