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With 34 joeys already born in the national insurance population of Tasmanian Devils, an Australia-wide fundraising campaign to expand the program was announced at Taronga Zoo today.
Internationally renowned Chimpanzee researcher, Dr Jane Goodall, visited Taronga's Chimpanzees today during her national tour to inspire Australians to protect wildlife.
At least one pair of zoo-bred Regent Honeyeaters are incubating eggs, with at least four other nests being built by other pairs just four months since they were released at Chiltern in Victoria.
The world-first book ‘Medicine of Australian Mammals’ will be officially launched today at Taronga Zoo helping to improve the health, welfare and conservation of Australia’s native mammals.
An infant male Western Lowland Gorilla made his public debut at Taronga today as the Zoo also announced its first-ever artificial insemination (AI) of an Asian Elephant.
The Parliamentary Secretary for Mining And Energy, the Hon. Penny Sharpe MLC, today called on the Zoo's seals and seal-lions to debut the conservation messages of the new Seal Show at the official opening of EnergyAustralia ‘s Great Southern Oceans (GSO).
Although this is a milestone for Jantan, it brings focus to the plight of his species due to the massive clearing of forests for palm oil plantations.Orang-utans are clinging to survival in lowland and mountainous tropical rainforests of Northern Sumatra and most of lowland Borneo. These forests are rapidly being cut down to plant palm oil plantations due to the rapidly increasing demand for the oil.
One of Sydney's resident Little Penguins will today be released back into her home waters after some much needed care at Taronga Zoo.
International elephant reproduction specialists have praised Taronga's planning and preparation in the zoo's first attempt at Asian Elephant artificial insemination (AI), Zoo Director and Chief Executive, Guy Cooper, said today.
Over 200 students from Narrabeen schools will celebrate the launch of a new climate change initiative this Thursday from 10.45am, at the Coastal Environment Centre, Narrabeen.Taronga Zoo started the new education program, Peninsula Environmental Action for Community Education (PEACE), to raise awareness about the impact of climate change and promote positive action by local school students.