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Taronga Western Plains Zoo is working with the Australian Sports Commission's Active After-school Communities Program to help engage primary-school aged children in physical activity that is fun and enjoyable.
Taronga Western Plains Zoo is excited to announce the next phase of the Zoo's 12 year master plan which will see approximately $21.5m spent redeveloping a number of areas of the site over the coming four years.
An infant male Western Lowland Gorilla made his public debut at Taronga today as the Zoo also announced its first-ever artificial insemination (AI) of an Asian Elephant.
The Taronga Conservation Society Australia (TCSA) and the Public Service Association (PSA) signed the Dignity and Respect in the Workplace Charter on August 21, 2008
The Parliamentary Secretary for Mining And Energy, the Hon. Penny Sharpe MLC, today called on the Zoo's seals and seal-lions to debut the conservation messages of the new Seal Show at the official opening of EnergyAustralia ‘s Great Southern Oceans (GSO).
Vet nurses at Taronga Western Plains Zoo have been playing mother to an orphaned male Scimitar Horned Oryx whose mother died during labour leaving Zoo staff no alternative but to hand raise the calf.
Taronga Western Plains Zoo today confirmed that at least five joeys have been born from the 12 wild-caught Tasmanian Devils brought into the Zoo in late 2007.
Although this is a milestone for Jantan, it brings focus to the plight of his species due to the massive clearing of forests for palm oil plantations.Orang-utans are clinging to survival in lowland and mountainous tropical rainforests of Northern Sumatra and most of lowland Borneo. These forests are rapidly being cut down to plant palm oil plantations due to the rapidly increasing demand for the oil.
One of Sydney's resident Little Penguins will today be released back into her home waters after some much needed care at Taronga Zoo.
The critically endangered Fijian Crested Iguana will be one of eight species given a helping hand through the inaugural Taronga Foundation Conservation Field Grants program announced today at the Zoo.It is one of eight wildlife programs to receive vital support with a total $40,000 committed by The Taronga Foundation to assist animals in their natural habitats from Aceh and Botswana to Vietnam and the Daintree.


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