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The City of Sydney has joined forces with the Taronga Foundation to celebrate the Year of the Dragon and raise money to support conservation and breeding programs for the endangered Komodo Dragon.
Christmas has come early at Taronga Western Plains Zoo with a Koala joey emerging from its mother’s pouch.
Christmas arrived early today for some of Taronga’s residents who woke to Christmas themed enrichment items and snow frosted exhibits
A small part of the Great Barrier Reef has arrived in Dubbo to be stored in the frozen Zoo to help secure the future of the reef.
Companies are buying more certified sustainable palm oil than ever before - but urgent action is still needed to avoid the irreversible loss of tropical forests and species such as tigers, according to WWF’s latest assessment of palm oil buyers.
Taronga’s Director and Chief Executive, Cameron Kerr, said today the Zoo’s second straight win the NSW Tourism Awards Major Attraction category was a great endorsement for the compelling power of wildlife to inspire people.
Taronga Zoo is part of an expert working group including NSW Health, that is investigating a tuberculosis (TB) infection that was found in a chimp in September this year.
An expert Working Group from NSW Health and Taronga Zoo has been conducting investigations into the discovery in September of a tuberculosis (TB) infection in a chimp at the zoo.
Taronga’s female Asian Elephant calf, Tukta, received a traditional Thai Buddhist blessing today to celebrate her first birthday.


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